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Books that occupy the shelves in my home (other than those in SuziQ’s set) include the following —

The Chicago Manual of Style
World Atlas
— [Editors of The New Yorker] The New Yorker Book of Poems
— [Internal Revenue Service] Final Nondiscrimination Regulations [1991]
Alexie, Sherman (guest ed.) The Best American Poetry 2015
Andrews, George E. Number Theory
Angier, Natalie Woman: An Intimate Geography
Ashbery, John (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1988
Atwood, Margaret Selected Poems: 1965-1975
Barnstone, Aliki, ed.; Barnstone, Willis, ed. A Book of Women Poets: From Antiquity to Now
Bergamini, David Mathematics
Bishop, Elizabeth The Complete Poems
Blackburn, Simon Truth: A Guide
Breen, Christopher The iPod touch Pocket Guide
Brown, G. Spencer Laws of Form
Bukowski, Charles The Pleasures of the Damned
Canetti, Elias Auto-da-fé
Capone, Phil Learn to Play Ukulele
Carroll, Lewis Symbolic Logic | Game of Logic
Cavanaugh, Amy L. Coverage and Nondiscrimination Answer Book
Cummings, E.E. Etcetera: The unpublished poems of E.E. Cummings
Dawson, Miles Menander Lessons in Actuarial Science
Dicum, Gregory Window Seat
Doty, Mark (guest ed.) The Best American Poetry 2012
Duhamel, Denise (guest ed.) The Best American Poetry 2013
du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca
Duncan, Ronald; Weston-Smith, Miranda (eds.) The Eneyclopedia of Ignorance
Dylan, Bob Tarantula
Edwards, Harold M. Fermat’s Last Theorem: A Genetic Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory
English, Richard Irish Freedom
Fowler, H.W. (ed.); Burchfield, R. W. (ed., 3rded) The New Fowler’s Modern English Usage
Garner, David M., PhD; Garfinkel, Paul E., MD Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders
Ginsberg, Allen Collected Poems: 1947-1997
Ginsberg, Allen Howl
Gligoric, Svetozar I Play Against Pieces
Glück, Louise (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1993
Graham, Jorie (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1988
Granger, C. W. J.; Newbold, Paul Forecasting Economic Time Series
Graves, Robert The White Goddess
Guy, Richard K. Unsolved Problems in Number Theory
Hall, Donald (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1989
Hesse, Hermann Narcissus and Goldmund
Hirsch, Edward; Boland, Eavan (eds.) The Making of a Sonnet
Hofstadter, Douglas R. Gödel, Escher, Bach
Hollis, William Letters and Voices from the Steppes
Howard, Richard (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1995
Joyce, James Finnegans Wake
Kendig, Frank; Hutton, Richard Life-Spans
Kerouac, Jack Scattered Poems
Kline, Morris Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty
Kosiński, Jerzy The Painted Bird
Kunitz, Stanley The Collected Poems
LaBombarde, Adrien A Guide to Nondiscrimination Requirements for Qualified Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans
Larkin, Philip Collected Poems
Lautréamont Les Chants de Maldoror
Lawrence, D. H. D. H. Lawrence: Selected Poems
Leonard, R. Maynard (ed.) The Dog in British Poetry
Lönnrot, Elias The Kalevala
Mamorsky, Jeffrey D. (ed.) Employee Benefits Handbook
Márquez, Gabriel García In Evil Hour
Márquez, Gabriel García The Autumn of the Patriarch
McGill, Dan M.; Grubbs, Donald S., Jr. Fundamentals of Private Pensions
McKuen, Rod An Outstretched Hand
McKuen, Rod Listen to the Warm
Melone, Joseph J.; Allen, Everett T., Jr. Pension Planning
Murray, J.A.H., et al The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary
Murray, Joan (ed.) The Pushcart Book of Poetry
Nahin, Paul J. An Imaginary Tale
Oliver, Mary A Poetry Handbook
Ovid (Gregory, Horace, trans.) The Metamorphoses
Panjer, Harry H. (ed.) Financial Economics: With Applications to Investments, Insurance and Pensions
Parker, Derek Voltaire: The Universal Man
Piper, Don; Murphey, Cecil 90 Minutes in Heaven
Preminger, Alex; Brogan, T.V.F. (eds.) The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
Rand, Ayn Anthem
Raymo, Chet An Intimate Look at the Night Sky
Rich, Adrienne (ed.) The Best American Poetry 1996
Ricks, Christopher Dylan’s Visions of Sin
Ruelle, David Chance and Chaos
Russell, Bertrand The Principles of Mathematics
Schachter, Steven C., M.D. Brainstorms: Epilepsy in Our Words
Schiff, Hilda (ed.) Holocaust Poetry
Schneider, Howard Backyard Guide to the Night Sky
Singh, Simon Fermat’s Enigma
Tirion, Wil The Cambridge Star Atlas
Turco, Lewis Putnam The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics: Including Odd and Invented Forms
Tzara, Tristan Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries
Updike, John Endpoint
Van Duyn, Mona Near Changes
Van Duyn, Mona Selected Poems
Winklevoss, Howard E. Pension Mathematics
Wolfenden, Hugh H. The Fundamental Principles of Mathematical Statistics
Yeats, William Butler Selected Poems and Four Plays of William Butler Yeats